Democracy and Poor Opposition – Current Political Scenario of India


From Sh. Shyama Prasad mukherji to Atal bihariBajpayee and now Amit shah & Narendra modi, the policies or leadership style has changed a lot. Modi and shah has took command from advani , murlimanoharjoshi and other senior politicians with his new team. Modi holds the power on whole ministry departments whether it is home ministry or finance or foreign ministry , it is clear. Now they are heading towards their dream project ‘congress free India’ and much succeeded till now. Modi and shah made BJP biggest political party of India & presence of party is now everywhere in India which was limited to fewer states in the past. Hence they are doing their work as like marketing a brand and their approach is much broader in all perspectives and they dont want to even loose a gram panchayat election . The BJP president using and managing the workers so efficiently and he is ambitious to touch every human being of every state , any cast and each issue whether it is controversial.



Challenges for BJP in future are

  • CO parties and alliances are not happy with them who contributed quite effectively for historical win of BJP in last elections of loksabha. Parties like shiv sena and TDP are live examples for that
  • Assembly elections in Rajasthan and MP as anti incumbency could affect the elections as did in Gujarat. Leaders like ashokgehlot and sachin pilot will not let BJP win easily in Rajasthan as position of VasundharaRajeis not such strong now in the state as well as in the party.
  • As we know BJP hardly managed to win Gujarat assembly elections , seeing this Rajasthan could be more tough job for team Shah and Modi to cater .
  • In upcoming assembly elections of MP there may be anti incumbency as well which may effect the voting in favour of congress. And Vyapam scam is another issue which congress can use effectively against Shivraj Singh.



Hence RAGA has developed his skills and well learnt from his past and now he challenges Modi openly in every speech seems that he has matured but this is not enough to stop modi as it has not been shown in poll results in some of the past assembly elections. Congress needs to converts there support in votes because votes and figures are only measures how much people support you or are with you in democracy.

The leadership of Congress party is limited to Gandhi family . Being the oldest political party of India congress is not even capable to fight election on their own in many states like UP, Bihar, MAHARASTRA etc where it totally depends on Akhilesh , Lalu and Sharadpanwar vice versa.Soi think they need to work upon their leadership and need to get forward new faces like Ashok gehlot, JyotiradityaSindhiya and Sachin pilot etc and should not be dependent on Gandhi family.



Now a days BJP and Congress both are so keen of winning every election that they need it at any cost. New alliances are taking place day to day. Where congress is feeling helpless at some places , BJP is at least successful to win at their own. Hence this win at any cost policy is morally notgood for democracy. Actually it has become a competition or war where we say everything is fair. But for democracy and public administration , unfair politics which puts aside all morals, values and ethics is not good at all.



There are good chances for BJP to win not only because of there leaders but also due to weak opposition. BJP somehow got good marks out of demonetization , triple talak incidence even those were controversial and hard decisions but this is a quality of Modi that he does what he wants to. For example – they managed to win in many assembly elections including U.P. even after putting citizens of country in bank and ATM lines leaving all there important works. This is the main point that congress was not able to raise this issue collectively with other opposition parties and making something out of it.

BJP may win next elections ( may be with not that much majority as in 2014) because Congress , the main opposition party is not seems that strong as oldest political party and position of the same is going worse day by day.

If congress and whole opposition comes together to stop shah and modi (which seems to be a difficult task) than there could be some chances for them. But in that condition there will be more harsh situation for the country that who will be the next PM or there could be a fight among them and we might see 2-3 Prime ministers in next 5 years as the list is long like Sharad Panwar, Mulayam Singh, MamtaBannerji, Rahul Gandhi etc. But if this happened it will be the most powerless govt. and ministry in history of India as cabinet will not be able to make their decisions freely. Alliance has its own limitations and alliance of more than 2 parties will always create conflicts.



BJP led by Modi and Shah is one of the biggest brands of India today. They are determined to wipe out congress and don’t want to provide any single chance to opposition to overcome but they are not been able to fulfil their promises of 2014 as article 370, Ram mandir , price hikes etc.Some of there ministers charged for corruption issues and no serious actions were taken against them rather than this corruption charged politicians provided tickets to fight in elections. Hate politics also emerged at some places as many leaders and workers of the party were involved in using their power wrongly.

At the other hand congress needs to take fresh start , re think upon the issues and mistakes of past. Either congress or new opposition should take place in near future as a strong opposition is also equally important for democracy and future of Indian citizens and politics both that can stand against every wrong and controversial decisions of the Government.

Finally this will beinteresting to see how congress overcomes from the current situation and how BJP looks forward at its path whether with its alliances ( Shiv sena, TDP etc) or alone, without compromising what alliances think or need.



Contribute BY : SurendraThanvi