BJP: Story of idealism to domineer in electoral politics of India.

Officially world’s largest political party in terms of membership have transformed it self from era of Idealism led by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee to the Era of Amit Shah where politics means business.This is the same BJP with idealism of SP Mukherjee when PM AB Vajpayee lost the power by 1 vote and still decided to not go for horse trading and set wrong precedence to the stage where BJP is ready to take power with 8 MLA short of Majority.

Deal or No Deal words are best match for new transformed BJP since rising ranks of President Amit Shah & Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarkable show in 2014 General election.The party cadre worked hard to transform the plans of new BJP to work at grass root level in line with its ideological mentor RSS. Touching the last man out in all booth was a mammoth task accomplished at ground level at the same time tactical moves in terms of every single seat from Parliamentary seats to Gram panchayat the top leadership seems to be in sync with all.

Unexpected tactics of acquirng and claiming the power which was once congress’s mastered art was effectively used and implemented against Congress in recent assembly elections. Rajyasabha election which used to be a low profile election was also fought with high spirit.No walk over are allowed in new BJP.They are now trained and equipped with ideological improvised mindset to grab every single seat by hook or crook.Goa,Manipur & Karnataka are representaion of new BJP which is not only power hungry but also use the interpretation of the constitution in the way it will suit them to be in power.The main looser in this whole transformation is congress as BJP learnt all from precedence set by congress in past & used it effectively against them.

Electoral politics is new ball game in India at least till BJP have its invincible duo of Amit Shah & Narendra Modi.

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